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4 PCS Adjustable Right Angle Clamp Tool

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Make Woodworking Faster & Easier!

  • The Pro Wood Clamp Kit provides you with an extra hand by firmly holding your boards together while you' re screwing, gluing or drilling!
  • Save your time & energy and increase your productivity during your next project.
  • Hold your boards in perfect alignment for accurate corners, every time with the Pro Wood Clamp Kit!

Easily Align & Hold Boards Together

  • The Pro Wood Clamp Kit eliminates frustration and provides a quick and easy solution for shifting boards.
  • Effortlessly fix, align & hold your workpieces together with precision and perfect alignment.
  • Experience fast and accurate corner clamping for both 90° corners and T joints!
  • Ideal for drawers, box construction, frames, cabinetry and more!

Strong, Firm & Reliable Hold

  • Carsen Clamps are strong, spring-loaded and provide a firm & reliable hold.
  • The durable build of the Pro Wood Clamps allow them to withstand use on any job site or project.
  • Make your projects faster, easier & more efficient with the Pro Wood Clamp Kit!

Perfect, Accurate Corners-Every Time!

  • Whether you are constructing boxes, cabinets or cases-the Pro Wood Clamp Kit makes getting perfect corners a breeze!
  • The Pro Wood Clamp Kit gives you an extra set of hands that securely holds your pieces for you.
  • Experience the fastest & easiest way to improve your efficiency during any woodworking project through firm & accurate holds!

Product Specifications 

  • Clamp Length:3. lin(78mm)
  • Clamp Width:3.3 in(85mm)
  • Clamping Range:1/4 in to 3/4 in 
  • ldeal for Woodworking, Cabinetry, Frames, Boxes, Furniture & More 
  • Works with Both 90° Corners & T-Joints
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